Being In Sync The Movie

Directed by

Greg Bergan


Barry C. Miller

Screenplay by

Barry C. Miller

Offical Selection Long Island Film Festival
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Being In Sync The Movie

Join DJ, Donny, Danny and Dougie as they set out on the hilarious journey to recapture their glory days as the "almost famous" members of the 80's boy band D4!

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have entered into a distribution deal with Mini Movie Channel, an international entertainment distribution company. The deal allows for our movie Being In Sync to be broadcast on their on-line comedy network at, as well as broadcast throughout the United States and Europe on certain Cable networks. We encourage you to view our movie today by clicking here.

While Being In Sync stands on its own as a funny short film with a complete story, it is also intended to be the introduction for a feature length movie; this would be a big musical comedy event in the vein of "This is Spinal Tap" or "The Blues Brothers." If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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