Being In Sync The Movie

Directed by

Greg Bergan


Barry C. Miller

Screenplay by

Barry C. Miller

Offical Selection Long Island Film Festival
Being In Sync The Movie

About Being In Sync - the Movie

This is the first film created by either of us, and it has been a wonderful -- but exhausting -- experience. We started this project in the Summer of 2004, so it has taken about three years to get here. Add to this the fact that we are both committed to maintaining the highest quality of work in our full time jobs, you can imagine the effort involved in getting this thing from conception to completion.

After Barry finished the first draft of the script, we started the daunting process of trying get the best cast and crew we could find with our limited resources. We funded the entire film out of our own pockets, so we knew that hiring a SAG cast and crew was out of the question. We also toyed with the idea of hiring a director for this project, but we ultimately decided that this film was our vision, and we would be the best people to make it happen. Another key decision to be made was the format in which to shoot the film. We had many discussions about this important topic but ultimately chose to go with the exciting world of DV.

Next, it was time to start looking for the crew. Our first goal was to find a director of photography, and that turned out to be a difficult task. We found a few potential candidates by searching ads and such on the web, but we struggled to find anyone who was available and within our price range. Things turned around in a big way when one of the DP's we spoke to suggested we look at craigslist ( ). Greg put an ad in the next day for a DP, and we were quite stunned at the response. We must have received 30 to 40 responses in less that 24 hours, and Greg eventually had to pull the ad. After sorting through the many responses, we started interviewing candidates until we found David Mesloh, a 20 year Hollywood veteran with his own camera and equipment. Now that we had our DP hired, we began to fill out the rest of the crew: Through craigslist, we found our casting director, Aleisha Russell; our sound mixer, Danny Exum; and our dance choreographer, Marielle Shaylor. Barry is an alumni of UCSB, so we thought it might be a good idea to contact the UCSB film department as well. They turned out the be very helpful, and through them, we found our gaffer, Jessica Szejn, and our two production assistants, Sherina M. Manning and Kimberly Schwartz.

Under the leadership of our amazing casting director, it was time to hold auditions for the principal cast. Aleisha booked the Stella Adler theater in Hollywood, and after two days of auditions and one day of call backs, we had our principal cast:

Michael Branella DJ
Jim McCaffree Danny
Marcus DeAnda Donny
Bree Pavey Tammi
Rumor Daluisio Amy
August Johnson Secretary / Woman in Music Video

With the cast and crew in hand, we filmed from July 19 through July 24 in Ventura, CA. We filmed for two days at the Sanbuenaventura State Beach, two days at a residential home, and two days in an office (the house and office were provided by our friend, Sean McLaughlin). Outside of the hot weather, the shoot was relatively smooth, and we were very happy with the process. We even managed to have a wrap party in August.

Film editing and post production was handled by Todd D. Jones of 303 Post in Studio City. Todd was also a craigslist find, and he is truly a wizard with the Avid system. The editing process took a couple of months and was complicated by the fact that we also needed to produce an original song for a music video dream sequence in the film. The song was written by Greg, and it was mixed by Ed Layola at 7 South studio in Santa Barbara.

We kept everyone informed of our process through our web site ( Our friend, Amy Esau, volunteered to design and maintain the web site, and that was a big plus for us. Everything worked out in the end, and we finished the final cut in February.


Barry Miller and Greg Bergan
Directors - Being In Sync

Cast & Crew Bios

Barry Miller: Director, Producer

Barry has spent the last few years as a budding screenwriter. He has several works under his belt including a semi-finalist placement in the popular Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition (for his spec script titled "Destiny Themes" utilizing characters from the hit television show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. He recently wrote, co-produced, and co-directed the musical comedy short film BEING IN SYNC that was accepted into the Long Island Film Festival 2006. Barry's current project is the super hero comic book BILLY BANES for Dial R Studios. Barry lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Andrea, and their dog, Taz.

Barry's Official site:

Greg Bergan: Director, Producer

After playing in Rock and Country cover bands to earn money to help put himself through college (Business and Computer Science graduate), Greg Bergan moved to New York City in the 80s as a musician. He was a member of several rock and punk bands, playing at such places as New York's CBGB's and London's Hammersmith-Odeon. He eventually became an assistant sound engineer at a major NYC studio. This started him on the path of music video production in the early 90's. Recently he co-produced and co-directed the musical comedy short film BEING IN SYNC, as well as writing the music for the title song. He continues to actively write and record music on the side, while working in the IT department of a major software company. Greg currently resides in Ventura, California, with his wife Eileen, and their daughter Chloe.

Greg's band, Flea Circus, site: