Being In Sync The Movie

Directed by

Greg Bergan


Barry C. Miller

Screenplay by

Barry C. Miller

Offical Selection Long Island Film Festival

Tour Dates

D4 is Coming to Your Town!
Date Location Concert
July 2th Philadelphia, PA LIVE 8
July 4th Crawford, TX "They Hate Us for our Freedom" Jamboree
July 10th Sacramento, CA Opening for "Weird Al" Yankovic
July 17th Anaheim, CA Performance with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom
July 19th - July 20th Ventura, CA Filming new music video - extras welcome
July 24th Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
CANCELLED Baghdad, Iraq USO Tour
CANCELLED Kabul, Afghanistan USO Tour
August 5th Berlin, Germany Opening for David Hasselhoff
August 10th Hollywood, CA Performance on VH1's Bands Back Together
August 20th Harlem, NY Showtime at the Apollo