Being In Sync The Movie

Directed by

Greg Bergan


Barry C. Miller

Screenplay by

Barry C. Miller

Offical Selection Long Island Film Festival

Lyrics to D4's Hit Song

Be By Me

Lyrics by Chuck Davis

Already summer
It's such a bummer
These days just slip by without a sound
Birds have stopped singing
The phone keeps ringing
Everyone I know is leaving town
Maybe tomorrow
I'll up and borrow
A car to drive far away somewhere
Soon it's September
Will you remember
That sleepy little beach we once shared?
Be by me!
I feel so lost without you
Be by me!
Torn up and tossed about too
Be by me!
And I will be by you
I've got a notion
To lay down in the ocean
And see what the fish have to say
Feeling so sickly
Happened so quickly
A minute after you went away
There's no good reason
It could be the season
I just walk up and down this old pier
The boats are leaving
The drunks are weaving
And baby how I wish you were here
the D4 boys