Being In Sync The Movie

Directed by

Greg Bergan


Barry C. Miller

Screenplay by

Barry C. Miller

Offical Selection Long Island Film Festival

Being In Sync

Latest News:
May 17, 2008: Signed with Mini Movie Channel!
May 5, 2006: Being In Sync screening at the Long Island Film Festival at 1:15pm (eastern). Click here to check out the schedule.
May 5, 2006: Being In Sync is having a screening on Friday, May 5 at 7:15pm (doors open at 6:30pm) at The Livery Theater in Ventura (34 North Palm Street). FREE (No Charge to get in).
April 28, 2006: Being In Sync accepted to The Long Island Film Festival.
March 23, 2006: Special screening of Being In Sync for cast and crew at the Empty Stage Theater in West Los Angeles (2372 Veteran Ave).
September 30, 2005: Todd Jones joins us as Editor.
August 10, 2005: Wrap Party - Cast and Crew get together to celebrate.
July 24, 2005: THAT'S A WRAP!
July 19, 2005: And Action! Shooting Starts...
July 16, 2005: Danny Exum signs on as Sound Mixer
July 15, 2005: Todd Albers cast as Todd!
July 15, 2005: Bree Pavey cast as Tammi!
July 15, 2005: Rumor Daluisio cast as Amy!
July 15, 2005: August Johnson cast as The Secretary!
July 14, 2005: Michael Branella cast as DJ!
July 14, 2005: Marcus DeAnda cast as Donny!
July 14, 2005: Jim McCaffree cast as Danny!
July 12, 2005: Marielle Shaylor joins us as Dance Choreographer
July 12, 2005: Jessica M. Szejn joins signs on as Gaffer
July 9, 2005: Casting begins in Hollywood, CA
June 30, 2005: Sherina M. Manning joins us as a Production Assistant
June 28, 2005: Kimberly Schwartz joins us as a Production Assistant
June 27, 2005: Aleisha Russell has signed on as Casting Director
May 15, 2005: David Mesloh has signed on as Director of Photography!
May 07, 2005: Film locations procurred in Ventura.